Presidents on the cover of Time Magazine

Week of May 26, 1923

The earliest appearance of FDR on the cover of Time

He had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy for 8 years and the 1920 Democratic Nominee for Vice President

FDR had become paralyzed by polio two years before.

Week of February 1, 1932

FDR as sitting Governor of New York and early favorite to win the Democratic nomination for President.

Week of January 2, 1933

Franklin Roosevelt as Man of the Year 1932

Roosevelt was selected Man of the Year for winning the 1932 presidential election.

Week of January 7, 1935

Franklin Roosevelt as Man of the Year 1934

Roosevelt is Man of the Year for the second time

in a write-in campaign by readers of Time Magazine.

Week of June 10, 1940

Several weeks after this cover, Roosevelt is nominated

by Democrats for an unprecedented third term as president.

Week of January 5, 1942

Franklin Roosevelt as Man of the Year 1941

Roosevelt is Man of the Year for the third time.

This announcement came a few weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor,

when FDR led our nation into war.

Behind FDR are the other two major war leaders, Stalin and Churchill.

This cover announces President Roosevelt's emergence as a war president.

Week of May 19, 2003

FDR still graces the cover decades later.

FDR related covers.

Week of November 20, 1933

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in her first Time cover.

Week of April 17, 1939

Eleanor on her second cover seven years after becoming First Lady.

Week of April 7, 1952

At the time of this cover Eleanor Roosevelt had been serving as the

U.S. Representative to the United Nations since 1945. She would serve as

Chair of the UN Human Rights Commission from 1946 to 1951.

Under her leadership, in 1948 the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Week of June 3, 1935

Vice President John Nance Garner. He served during FDR's first two terms.

He was a Texan and former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Week of October 21, 1940

Wendell Wilkie - Republican nominee for President in 1940.

A few weeks after this cover he loses to FDR who won an unprecedented third term.

Week of October 23, 1944

Thomas Dewey, Governor of New York and Republican nominee for President.

A few weeks after this cover he loses to FDR who won his fourth term.

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